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Wow where do I begin??? First of all I love my Jesus. He's my rock & comforter. By no means am I perfect & I am so thankful that in Him I am saved. I have been married to my best friend for 5 years. Colby is such a great hubby and amazing daddy. I can't believe what a hard worker he is and what he does for our family. If it's possible, I love him more everyday. We have two little boys, Jake who turned three in January and has blessed our lives more than we could have ever imagined! And Jett who was born in November and is such a sweet angel! Becoming a mommy has brought out an entire new part of me that I never knew existed. And I honestly can't even describe it. But it's the best, most significant, and most rewarding thing I've ever done. My family is my WORLD...I'm not worthy of such a beautiful family. GOD IS GOOD!

Monday, September 19, 2011

10 Months

You are now 10 months old.  I am not sure how time has gone so fast but it seems like each month passes more quickly than the next.
 A lot has been changing for you, my sweet baby...you are starting to make the change from baby to little boy. Everyday you looks bigger to me! And it's strange to know that we will never again have a 10 month old and in 2 short months you will be a year old...kinda makes me sad.

Over the last month you've learned lots of new words! You can say hi, hey, mama, dada, Jake, Gigi, ball, and Kasey. I was thinking at first you might be my more quiet child but I have been proven wrong! You babble constantly and try repeating everything we say!

You are so close to walking! You take 2 to 3 steps here and there all the time and have gone 5 or 6 at a time a few times too. You can stand soooooo well and walk like a champ with the walker or holding onto our finger. I think once you gets your confidence about it you will be walking everywhere!
You love your brother. I am amazed how well you two play together with your age difference. One of your favorite things to do together is jump on the trampoline! You love for Jake to bounce you and I really think you could stay on there for hours!

 You love being outside. Anytime we let you, you want to be out playing in the grass or on the porch with Jake.

 I am loving every second watching you learn and explore and say new words and play with Jake and play by yourself and turn into the little person whom we all adore.

 Jett I can't believe how fast your first year is going by. We are trying to hold onto every moment with you. We pray that you will always keep your sweet demeanor and happy spirit! God has blessed us by giving you to us and we will forever be grateful for such a precious gift. We love you so much!!!!!!

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