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Wow where do I begin??? First of all I love my Jesus. He's my rock & comforter. By no means am I perfect & I am so thankful that in Him I am saved. I have been married to my best friend for 5 years. Colby is such a great hubby and amazing daddy. I can't believe what a hard worker he is and what he does for our family. If it's possible, I love him more everyday. We have two little boys, Jake who turned three in January and has blessed our lives more than we could have ever imagined! And Jett who was born in November and is such a sweet angel! Becoming a mommy has brought out an entire new part of me that I never knew existed. And I honestly can't even describe it. But it's the best, most significant, and most rewarding thing I've ever done. My family is my WORLD...I'm not worthy of such a beautiful family. GOD IS GOOD!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My "Little" is Eleven Months!

 Jett, you are eleven months old today!  Daddy and I said today how fast your first year has gone by.  In another short month you will be ONE.  What a big boy you are getting to be!
 Over the past month you've done a lot of growing!
You're getting two more teeth!  Your top incisors are almost in!  And they look just precious...I know you're glad that's over!  :)
You're almost walking constantly.  You've just about got it down!  Just over the past couple of days you really made some huge progress.  Any day now and you'll be doing it ALL the time.
The hardest part is just getting you to take that first step, and once you do you can walk all over!  And it's usually going after Jake, one of your friends, Kasey, or going outside!
You're saying some new words...we've heard "cheese," "more," "bye," "Tigger" ("Tigga"), and "Ty" for sure.  And when we ask you what a cow says you say, "Mmmmm!"  It's too cute.
You love...giving kisses, playing outside, following Jake around wherever he goes, clapping your hands, dancing to music, Elmo, Tigger & Pooh, Mommy's phone, and looking at books!

 We have loved your little baby days but are looking forward to little boy days to come!  You are so loved!  I love being your Mama!!

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